Experience Bird Watching

Bird Watching

If you love spending time in the great outdoors, it’s likely that you spend a lot of time looking for fun activities you can do. One of the most relaxing activities you can partake in is bird watching. This is a great way to discover more about the natural area, and it allows you to have some time to just be still and watch the show that nature puts on for you every day. But where are the best local places to bird watch? Don’t worry. Just read this list of ideal locations, and you’ll know exactly where to go when you are ready to bird watch to your heart’s content.

Malmaison Wildlife Management Area

It’s important that there are areas where wildlife can continue to live and thrive free from the influence of human beings, and Malmaison Wildlife Management Area is one of those places. You will find a wealth of wildlife here – not just birds. However, the birds in the area are striking, and you may even come across some species you’ve never seen before. Bring along a guidebook if you want to be able to identify any kind of bird you see.

Haserway Wetland Nature Trail

Do you want to do some bird watching while you hike? Then, the Haserway Wetland Nature Trail is the place for you. This beautiful trail will offer you plenty of opportunities to spot wild birds. You just have to remember to be quiet while you’re walking along the path. Not only does this prevent you from scaring birds away, but it also makes it easier for you to hear the birds calling to each other. That’s one of the most effective ways of finding specific species in your area.

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Lee Tartt Nature Preserve/Chakchiuma Swamp

If you truly want a bird-watching experience to remember, you’ll head on over to the Lee Tartt Nature Preserve/Chakchiuma Swamp. Who says you have to be on foot to bird watch? If you want to get on the water at this beautiful swamp, you’ll have access to all kinds of wildlife. This is one of the most scenic natural spots around, so whether you are bird watching or just exploring, this is certainly one of the places you should stop.

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