Learn About Grenada Blues

Grenada Blues

Whether you’ve lived in Grenada, Mississippi, your whole life or you’ve just moved here recently, you probably know that the town has a history for producing amazing blues artists. In fact, some of the biggest names in the blues community spent time in Grenada, learning from teachers or just taking inspiration from the town. But what is it about the area that resulted in such an amazing array of blues musicians calling the townhome – at least for a time?

Read to learn more about how and why Grenada became a hub for blues musicians. You might just be a little more inspired by this town yourself.

How It All Began

There were two native musicians from Grenada who led the charge to make the town what it is today, with its legacy for creating amazing recording artists. Vocalist Arah “Baby” Moore and guitarist Will Weldon were two of the first to move to Memphis and begin their recording careers. They both made recordings in 1927, becoming hit artists early in the history of blues. They may not have lived in Grenada when they started off in the music business. However, growing up in the area undoubtedly had a significant impact on them.

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Artists Moving Across the Country from Grenada

You may have noticed that blues artists are pretty spread out throughout several major cities in the U.S. Still, many of these artists got their start in Grenada. For example, pianist Walter Davis moved to St. Louis. Several recording artists, including Magic Slim and Magic Sam, went on to the Chicago region after living in Grenada for quite some time. And you can’t forget about Eddie Willis, who may be one of the most influential musicians from the area. He was born in Gore Springs in 1936, and he helped put Grenada on the map.

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