Magnolia Crappie Club Grenada Lake Tournament

Magnolia Crappie Club Grenada Lake Tournament

When was the last time you went out on the lake and just spent the entire day fishing? If you are like a lot of people in the area, it wasn’t recent enough. But you’re in luck. The Magnolia Crappie Club Grenada Lake Tournament is right around the corner, and you are invited to participate. It’s taking place right here in Grenada, Mississippi, so you can enjoy the fun close to home.

So, when is the tournament coming up? It will be on Saturday, March 16. Be sure to get there bright and early because everything will start up at 7 a.m. The tournament will last until 2 p.m., so make sure you’re ready to hang out for several hours while you try to catch the best fish on the lake.

Become a Member

If you love to fish, you’ll definitely want to become a member of the Magnolia Crappie Club. It’s one of the best ways to meet like-minded people in the Grenada area, and you’ll need to be a member to participate in the tournament. The annual membership fee is $60 per person, but with that, you’ll get invitations to fishing events all year long, which makes it a really great deal. You’ll also have to pay a tournament entry fee, which comes in at $120 per team. If you split that between your team members, it definitely makes things more affordable.

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A Family Affair

Looking for a way to bond with your kids? Taking them to this crappie tournament is a great opportunity to do just that. First of all, you can pass on your love of fishing to them. But it’s about way more than that. You’ll also get to spend quality time with them outdoors, which is something almost everyone wishes they could do more of. Take advantage of this event and enjoy spending a day with your family on the lake. Whether you win the tournament or not, it will be a day to remember.

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